Top 5 Apps for Architectural Use

Top 5 Apps for Architectural Use

A recent study reveals that the average person spends 90 minutes a day on his phone.  That amounts up to 23 days a year, meaning 3.9 years of the average person’s life is spent staring at his phone screen.

Consider as well the additional time spent on other devices. 

Smartphones and tablets are the current most useful & essential tools people use to communicate, connect, create, & entertain themselves.  And if we are not maximizing the potential from the new technology, then we’re definitely missing out!  Tons of apps have been developed and are currently being developed to help Architects in particular.  And why do we Architects need these?  Well, it is no secret that Architects are overworked, spending late nights finishing up projects and presentations, trying to meet deadlines.  What if using apps in our profession can help save us at least 1 whole hour each day?  That is equivalent to a minimum of 5 full hours in a 40-hour work week!

Let’s take a look at the 5 Best Architecture Apps:

  1. Morpholio Trace:  

    Trace is best for drawing revisions and sketching.  It lets you work in layers, enabling the users to draw over existing images or drawings.  Just like placing tracing paper, layers can be added over layers.  This app fuses traditional hand-drawn sketching technique with digital technology to allow architects and designers to create and communicate.

    What you can do with Trace:

    • Markup – Comment of plans, drawings, progress images.
    • Create – Design and innovate by building up ideas.
    • Communicate – Graphically share information that words alone cannot achieve.
  2. Kubity :

    Users of Rhinoceros 3D, Autodesk Revit, or SketchUp will be delighted to know that there is a mobile app capable of sharing 3D models safely and instantly. To get it to work, simply convert any 3D file on the desktop at “ ” then scan its QR code to view it. It’s that simple. Kubity believes that sharing 3D designs should be immediate, automatic and affordable for everyone everywhere.

  3. Concepts by TopHatch:

    From rough sketches to refined drawings in one app. Concepts boasts to be the smartest sketchbook ever, combining free-form sketching with the accuracy and precision of CAD. A fully tractable vector object can be created from a rough sketch. You can draw either with your finger or a stylus. Note that Apple’s iPencil and its features including Shape Guides, Measurements, and Snap work incredibly well with this app.

  4. Sun Seeker: 

    Sun Seeker is an incredible tool for architects to plan their designs based on the sun’s course, to optimize the solar exposure of the site.  This app allows architects to take site photos, get a feel for the spatial variability and plot the sun’s path throughout the year.  Even on a cloudy day, this app can find the sun!

  5. AutoCAD 360: 

    AutoCAD 360 is basically your AutoCad on the go. This powerful app gives you access to drawings anytime and anywhere you need to, either on your mobile or the web. Draw, edit, view, and even share drawings without bringing the actual physical drawings.With all the tools available to Architects today, offering services such as architectural design in the Philippines and all around the world is easier than ever. Give the aforementioned apps a try and integrate them into your workflow today!


Visionary Architecture Inc. - VISIONARCH

Author: Visionary Architecture Inc. – VISIONARCH

VISIONARCH, is one of the top Philippine architectural firm. We engage in a wide array of architectural services that serve any and all structural needs.

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